Welcome to Enable Haiti

Mission Statement

To empower the people of Haiti to improve their lives by providing necessary and immediate aid, assistance, and support specific to those who require it with the objective of self-sustainability.

Hurricane Matthew reached the Southwest Coast of Haiti on October 4th, wrecking homes, destroying communities and wiping out acres and acres of crops. The hurricane was devastating especially in the Southwest where 1.4 million people are in desperate need of emergency aid. The communities of Jeremie, Roche-a-Bateau and Les Cayes were hit the hardest. The hurricane smashed down concrete walled structures, tore out countless trees and ripped off thousands of roofs. As waters receded, hundreds of dead bodies and livestock appeared, having been washed out to sea or drowned on the severely flooded lands. Poverty, malnutrition, a weak government and poor living conditions already existed before Hurricane Matthew, but the storm compounded the Haitian’s issues. The United Nations is reporting more than 3700 new cases of cholera since the hurricane hit on October 4th. These are desperate times for our friends in Haiti. So here is what Enable has done:

We reached out to all of our friends, family, colleagues and the residents of Windsor, Ontario & Essex County. We asked for immediate assistance to allow us to get aid to Haiti as soon as we possibly could. Incredibly, our people responded with amazing generosity. Within 3 weeks of the hurricane, we had loaded 2 forty-foot ocean containers and they were on route to Haiti. These containers were packed full with survival items for those in the greatest need in Haiti. More than one full 40-foot container held canned goods, rice, pasta and other food products. We also shipped thousands of bottles of water, water purification tablets, clothes, shoes, sheets & bedding, towels, medical supplies and all kinds of hygiene products.

Our goal was to be in Haiti before the end of November to distribute these items, not only to our orphanages and schools, but those most greatly afffected in the Southern Region of the country. As the days passed, we heard of the terrible situation at the port. Until Dec 5th, our 2 containers remained on the ship in the bay off the shore of the Port Authority in Port Au Prince. We have done everything we could to expedite the unloading of the containers & subsequent clearance, but the port is in a chaotic state and the processing has been incredibly slow. There is really nothing we can do for the beautiful people in Haiti until such time as the containers are released to us. With some good fortune and a lot of prayers, we will be in Haiti the week of December 12th to accept the containers, unload them at our orphanage and immediately start our distribution activities. Our team will not leave the country before all items have been hand delivered. It is our goal to return to Canada before Christmas to spend precious holiday time with our families and loved ones.

All of us at Enable Haiti would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of those that either donated money or much needed items. All funds donated were immediately used to purchase rice, pasta, pasta sauce, cooking oil, detergent, hygiene products, feminine napkins, water and water purification tablets. These are the items we have been told are in the greatest need. Your generosity is clearly saving lives in Haiti and we can’t find the words to thank you enough. We will provide an update once our mission is completed and we have returned to Canada. In the meantime, on behalf of all of us at Enable Haiti, I wish you and your loved ones a warm, healthy & happy Holiday Season.

From the bottom of my heart
Jim Scott
Director & Founder
Enable Haiti